Koala Babycare Pillows

Pillows for babies, YES or NO ?

Are you asking yourself like I am, whether it’s beneficial or harmful for your baby to be sleeping on a pillow ? I was very doubtful, since some doctors don’t recommend the use of baby pillows since they could cause “SIDS syndrome” (Syndrome of Instant Death), others fully recommend the use of baby pillows since if the baby has already been sleeping in a bed without a pillow for a while it could lead to “frozen head” syndrome, which is a deformative process that affects the baby’s spine development. What do I do ? Parents, I have a solution for you. I was convinced by the revolutionary Koala Babycare pillows. It was designed with the intent of preventing SIDS syndrome and frozen head syndrome as well as it promotes spine development.  We’re talking about an ergonomic pillow design combined with the best quality available. We, as pleased users of this product as well as different paediatricians  can recommend this product.

Let me tell you a few things about the brand 😊

The Koala Babycare brand was created by two young and innovative entrepreneur fathers, who wanted to give their children only the best. The most quality sleep for their kids and a lot of rested nights for themselves 😊 . The pillows were designed to suit the baby’s needs for the first two years of its life and to prevent any unwanted health issues.

The Koala Babycare pillows are made from the highest quality memory foam made in Germany.

Why did I choose the Koala Babycare pillow ? Because of its unique qualities !

They are unique. They were designed in Italy and I can say for myself, that they are the best baby pillows in the entire market right now ! An ergonomic design will accommodate to the baby’s head movement during sleep and during naps. The changing design of the pillow promotes good posture for your baby and helps with the correct spine and neck development. It’s commended for its premium design, made from the highest quality materials. The pillow itself is made from memory foam, which makes air passages easier and prevents any form of overheating. The covers are 100 % cotton (OEKO-TEX 100) and the pillow comes with 2 covers to make cleaning and using it easier.

You can get the pillow in three different colours, white, blue or pink as well as two different sizes. The pillows are extremely light without any added fillings and have a very cute design. The pillow itself is transported in a custom bag designed specifically for this pillow, keeping it clean and safe during shipping. Sounds great, doesn’t it ? 😊

The Koala Babycare pillows are safe to use, as they are perfectly in line with a lot of safety standards.

The Koala Babaycare pillows will let your children sleep without a care in the world, and it will apply for you as well 😊 .

Seeing as sleep is an important factor in everyone’s life, since we usually sleep for 1/3 of our life, in my opinion, these quality pillows are NECESSARY ! I want only the best for my family, that’s why I swear by quality and safe products such as this one.

What position does your child sleep in ?

You probably know, that the safest position for a child to be sleeping is on its back. However, if your child is spending too much time on his back it could cause some deformative issues. The Koala Babycare pillows are ideal for babies up to 24 months of age, as they are designed with the help of paediatricians to help prevent these issues.

The pillow is available in two different sizes…Why ?

Experts say that the child’s head will be developing all the way until its two years old. That’s why we have two different sizes.

The Koala Perfect Head Pillow is intended for our youngest users and can already be used after 1 month of the baby’s birth, all the way to the 10-12-month mark. It’s compact and designed to be used in any situation, from napping, sleeping, use on a car seat, the changing table or even in a stroller.

Dimensions : 26cm in length, 23cm in width and 3cm in height.

The Koala Perfect Head Maxi Pillow is ideal for new-borns as well as babies aging from 0-24 months of age. The pillow is compact and designed for a baby’s crib and thanks to its design it prevents the headto “escape” the pillow.

Dimensions : 52cm in length, 26cm in width, 3cm in height.

The proper use of a pillow…

To maximise the effectiveness of the pillow, lay your child down so that its head is set in the ergonomically designed “lay-in” spot. This way the pressure of the head will be evenly distributed on the pillow. This design promotes good posture as well as it helps the development of the spine and neck. The best sleeping position is on the back so that the baby is facing outwards.

The baby’s head should always be centred in the pillow.


The baby’s shoulders shouldn’t touch the pillow. This position will help to develop a healthy spine and neck.


If your baby is suffering from the “Frozen head” syndrome, we recommend that you lay him down on his side, so that his head will be centred on the pillow, opposite of the side that his head is “frozen”.

Even in this event, the baby’s shoulders shouldn’t be touching the pillow.


Slika 5

Washing instructions for the Koala Babycare Pillow…

Don’t wash the memory foam. You should only wash the covers. We recommend washing it at 40*C or if it’s really dirty you could also wash it at 60*C. I can’t guarantee you that the cotton cover will stand up to high temperatures. Don’t use bleach, don’t iron the covers, don’t dry clean it and don’t use chemically heavy detergents. I like to use bio cleaning products, which due to their nature, don’t destroy the product or its materials and are eco-friendly.

The Koala Babycare pillows have really impressed me, as well as a lot of other moms in Slovenia and around the world.


With warm regards,


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