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Linea MammaBaby Sunscreens

Sunscreens…That happy feeling, when we start thinking about summer ! The fact remains – a sunscreen with an appropriate factor should be used just as much all throughout the year, but most of us forget about that. Most of us start using sunscreens in the first month of summer, when we start feeling the heat and strong sunrays. Usually we take the sunscreen from a closet that we packed last year and completely forgot about…then we open the sunscreen and smell it. Mmmmmm, the first thing that comes to mind ? Summer, of course 😊 .

But how do we choose the right sunscreen for our little bundles of joy ? If you haven’t found the right sunscreens yet, then you’re at the right place, as today, I’ll be introducing you to some sunscreens that have simply impressed me.

I’m aware, that testing cosmetics on children and their perfectly smooth baby skin, which is known to be the most precious kind in the world, isn’t fun, it’s a responsibility. That’s why I’ve read a lot of articles about certain sunscreens before deciding which one to try out. One day I’ve randomly seen a Linea Mamma Baby product line and I must admit, I was sceptical at first, but I was ensured by their original descriptions and of course the fact that all their products that were designed for children were dermatologically tested in the distinguished Italian University in Ferrari.

Well, I’ll give it a try I said to myself as I clicked the “buy” button.  😊 I bought a factor 50 sunscreen, an “after sun” lotion and a bottle of “sun water”, and on top of that I’ve received a cute beach backpack as a gift.

Regarding the sunscreen I was really impressed by the fact, that it’s a spray. This is so much better than in a tube since the sunscreen doesn’t go all over the place 😊 . The sunscreen can be applied and is a deciding factor for the kids, who love to play while they’re exposed to the sun. The Sunscreen in a can with a high protection factor (50) was designed especially for kids with sensitive skin.

It’s also suitable for kids with a very light complexion and what surprised me the most is that it’s also useful for babies. Thanks to the innovative system filtering (a wide spectre of protection from the radiation of the sun) it acts as a protective measure for the skin of small children to fend off any sunburns. It’s also exceptional for its smooth texture and how fast It gets absorbed.

The sunscreen from the Linea MammaBaby collection of cosmetics is waterproof and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. And the icing on the cake is that it also smells nice. And when you open it up next year and smell it, you’ll undoubtedly recall those fond summer memories of the sea, beach and the sun.

After a full day of jumping around on the beach or swimming in the sea, the time has come for a delicious dinner. Mmmmm….But before that, a bath, this time in the bathroom 😊 . After your bath or shower you can spray the lotion all over your body. It will act as a moisturiser and a calming agent, as well as it will provide nutrition for the skin that was exposed to the sun all day long. Giovanni’s After Sun Lotion is rich from rice starch extracts and Aloe Vera, which help tend to the skin in the event of a sunburn. The lotion was dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Well, now’s the time for the delicious dinner by the sea and the sunset. Since your child’s skin was exposed to the sun all day long, it’s perfectly normal to be a bit dried out even after the lotion. That’s why you should bring the “sun water” spray with you to dinner. It’s designed to protect your body, face and hair. The water will really moisten up the skin and yes…I must admit that I used it as well 😊 .

Rich with bio chamomile extracts the spray will calm and take care of the skin. It’s ideal for baby skin or any skin that’s a bit dry after being exposed to the sun for a long time.  Its ideal application is right after you’ve dried yourself from the shower. It will give you a sense of freshness and it’ll prevent your skin from becoming dry, which is usually caused by all the sea salt. In short, it’s an ideal product that us mommies can have with us in our purses and the entire family can use it to refresh themselves, regardless of where you are 😊 .

If your child doesn’t need such a high factor of protection then Linea Mamma Baby’s got you covered with a sunscreen factor 30, which also offers good protection from the sun.

And on top of all of that, if you buy at least two products form Linea MammaBaby, you get a trendy beach backpack FOR FREE !

I’ve also seen some other mommies write about the protective values of the Italian brand Linea Mamma Baby, amongst them was Oopsi Urška, which was very pleased with their line of products. Urška also tried out the Zeta lotion in a spray, which offers protection from bugs and prevents your child from being bothered by mosquitos.

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