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Natural cosmetics from Linea Mamma Baby

Nature, passion, tradition and love ! All these combined make our products ! Linea Mammy Baby. Cosmetic products from a distinguished Italian brand are ideal for the smooth baby skin as well as well as the less sensitive skin of their parents.

The Linea Mamma Baby cosmetic products have been developed with love for the children as well as the belief, that we have to offer our children only the best and highest quality we can get in cosmetics. These products were made with quality materials, guaranteeing you the best skin protection for babies.

The entire collection of Linea Mamma Baby is manufactured in Italy. In the following I’m going to introduce you to a few of my favourite products, which I’ve also tested myself.

Absolutely all these products were biologically designed from plant extracts and from the biological farms of local farmers. They’ve gone through all the dermatological tests in the Centre of Cosmeticology at the distinguished University in Ferrari, Italy. They have all the declarations from the centre and are perfectly safe for use. I am fully aware, that testing cosmetics on baby skin, which is known to be the most precious type there is, isn’t fun, it’s a responsibility. With Linea Mamma Baby you’ll never have a hard time taking responsibility, as it’s completely natural without any harmful ingredients or elements.

And now, onto the products 😊 . I’m going to introduce you to a few products I’ve tried out myself.

For a special opportunity like Mother’s Day, which we celebrate on the 25th of March, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out my favourite Rubina Body Cream.

The body cream is ideal for all mommies, those with and without sensitive skin. It’s no secret, that the correct choice of a cream isn’t easy for most women. At first glance Rubina Body cream already convinces me with its seductive smell and its smooth texture. It takes care of the skin so that it stays soft for a while after you’ve already applied it. Because of some of its ingredients, such as aloe vera or others, the cream will also act as a moisturiser for your skin and it has regenerative properties.

The real star from the Linea Mamma Baby collection is of course the Guendalina Almond Oil.

The almond oil can be used for those gentle moments and lovely massages. The oil will provide nutrition for the baby’s skin. The baby will feel very calm after the application of the oil, this is due to the calming effect of the ingredients of the oil. This product is recommended for massaging and taking care of the baby’s skin as it promotes hydration and prevents epidermis. During the summer, when the skin is usually tired and dry from the relentless heat of the sun and the salt of the sea, the oil will have a noticeable effect as it will restore the skin to its former glory. After you apply the oil, the skin should feel slightly more elastic, soft and a bit more moisturised. And now for the most important bit of information: the oil is also suited for pregnant mothers as it helps the skin deal with the sudden weight gains and losses.  I’ve personally used this oil during my pregnancy with this purpose in mind and I was very pleased with the results. I’ve already seen improvements to my skin condition after using it for a few days.

The next product I’d like to introduce to you is the Giacomino baby shampoo for the body and hair.

This shower gel will spoil your child before bed. They’ll already be entertained with a simple glance at this cute bear picture and you’ll be impressed with the practical pump to get the perfect dosage of the shampoo. An incredibly gentle formula made from natural cardamom extracts and extracts from olives that were gathered on eco-farms, will take care of your child’s nurturing needs. This product can be used as a shower gel or as a shampoo because of its unique ingredients, that tend to skin and hair conditions.

Amongst my favourite products we also have the Linea Mamma Baby Nurturing set, since it’s ideal for any sort of trip or travel since the packaging and quantities are perfectly in line with flying regulations which determine how liquids need to be packaged and exactly how much you can carry.

Last year’s best hit was the Gelsomnia’s intimate soap for women.

The soap is ideal for the intimate care of any mommy and any girl. Based on its natural ingredients and glycerine extracts and eco-made blueberries, the soap will also calm and tend to the most sensitive skin types and provide a fresh feeling.

Since summer is right around the corner, I can also present to you the latest collection of sun screens from Linea Mamma Baby. But more on this for the next time 😊 .

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