Quality, design and aesthetic, this is LEANDER!

Have you head about the Leander furniture ? If your answer is no, then you’re in the right place,  as today we’ll give you a closer look at this interesting and top of the line furniture. Leander is a Scandinavian brand of children’s furniture, which combines design and functionality, which is especially needed, when we’re talking about children’s furniture.

To start us off, let me tell you that all of Leander’s furniture is made from the highest quality materials, such as wood (exclusively from European countries), leather and different Oeko-Tex standard 100 materials. You’re probably wondering, what that even is, right 😊 ? Let me tell you, that Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a standard that has been active since 1992 and marks any clothes or other type of products that have successfully passed their harmful materials test, reducing and minimising any sort of health risks. In short, the materials used for the Leander furniture are wood, originating from Europe, hand made leather and fabrics of the highest quality. On top of the sleek design and quality Leander offers you safety and security.

I’ve decided to show you some pieces of unique furniture from the never-ending product line from Leander. I’ll start with their flagship, which is a baby bed Leander Junior. The bed is innovative, perfected in style and above all else, it will accompany your child all throughout his childhood. A good bed is more than just furniture, it’s a place where your little one must feel good, safe and accepted. The Junior bed will ease your child when it comes to going from a cradle to a bed. It was designed so that with only some slight adjustments the bed will accommodate the child’s growth. The Leander bed will start off with a 70 x 120cm size and can be extended into a bed, sized at 70 x 150cm, meaning it’s usually suitable up to the seventh year of age. Great, isn’t it 😊 ?

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning, the Leander furniture combines design and quality, and you can add safety and environmentally friendly to the list as well. The company can be praised for it’s eco-friendly views, using only eco-friendly materials in its products, like the coat that’s used for the Junior Bed carries the Greenguard mark, meaning it’s perfectly in line with international standards for coating. The bed itself is made from Beech wood from European beech trees.

The next product I’d like to present is the Matty changing mat. This is a tool that you can use for different purposes. The Matty mat isn’t only incredibly soft and comfortable but also has an anti-slip mat, which makes sure your child is stable on nearly any level. Matty is 100% waterproof and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It’s designed from Polyurethane foam, which is a very durable but light material. IT can be used as a play or changing mat.

Amongst all the Leander best sellers, we can also praise their lovely Hanging cradle, which is suitable for use from birth. The baby has just spent 9 months in the soft round world of their mommy’s belly. The organic design of the Leander cradle will offer him a safe and natural surrounding for a successful start. It will gently stimulate the baby’s first movements, allowing him to develop his motor control as well as offer him a sense of safety with gentle movements, that simulate the movements of their mommy’s belly. Leander’s cradle is fixed to a single point, meaning that rocking your baby is simple. You can rock him with one hand and without the use of excessive force. The baby himself can force a gentle rocking motion, allowing him to develop a sense of his own body as well as a sense of balance and thus also strengthening his muscles.

The cradle can be affixed to a ceiling. You can easily move it to any other place. All you need is something to affix it to. Alternatively, you can set it up using a tripod, which must be ordered separately. When your child grows up you can upgrade the cradle to an Indian style tent, which will decorate your child’s room as well as provide a play zone. The tripod is a great tool to quickly move the cradle from one to another. So, let’s say you’re a mommy that’s currently busy with cooking a delicious meal, you can quickly pick up the cradle and tripod and set it up in the kitchen so you can keep interacting or monitoring your child without the need to run around all the time.

Leander also offers a variety of bed sheets, which you can find in their wonderful collection. On top of the lovely colours, they go great with most rooms since the bed sheets are made out of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 materials, meaning your children will feels comfortable, accepted and above all else, safe.

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