The Beaba Babycook cooker

Make cooking easier and simpler with the Beaba Babycook !


The Beaba Babycook cooker is the one that impressed us the most for a simple preparation of a kradelicious, healthy and nutritious meal for our little ones. Today we’d like to introduce you to the benefits of using this cooker and just how great using it is.


Knowing what your child eats


The Beaba Babycook cooker can prepare meals out of fruits and vegetables from the store or even from your home garden. Bought and processed food usually contains conservatives that, while they do extend the expiration date, they can also be harmful in some cases. Handpicking what we’ll cook makes sure that our baby gets only the best.


Retaining quality


The cooker has a removable cooking basket which can be used to steam-cook, meaning any cooked food will retain all of its vitamins and minerals. Steaming vegetables usually preserves around 80 % of its vitamins while boiling them usually only retains 30 %.

Beaba Babycook_Evitas

Adapting the food to the child’s age

The Beaba cooker has different settings available, which are suitable for different age groups. Food is also prepared in different ways and the cooker even offers a steam-cooking function, a chopping function, a defrosting function and a heating function. It also has a cyclone effective blade to adjust cutting and blending, ensuring that we get a smooth texture, puree or bits.

Simple use and cleaning

A delicious and healthy meal can be prepared in 15 minutes, of course depending on what we’ve picked and how we’re preparing it. But for simple a fruit smoothie or porridge we can take even less than 15 minutes. All electrical parts of the cooker are simply cleaned and maintained with a wet cloth piece, while the rest of the cooker can be cooked manually or even in a washing machine.

Saving money

Every parent knows that buying store-made baby food isn't exactly cheap and at the same time, we all want that our child eats only the highest quality food. Wiith the Beaba Babycook we can prepare food in advance for the next day or just to take the food with you when you're about to leave. The Beaba Babycook also offers great tools and accessories, such as storage bowls, bottles and feeding spoons that will all help teach your child about solid food.

What are the technical specifications ?

The Beaba Babycook can hold up to 1100 ml of content and has a measuring bowl, allowing for simple and precise measuring. The cooker has a detachable cable, that allows you to store the cooker easily. It's only got 1 button to cycle through the different functions (such as cooking or blending). The cooker topper is detachable, meaning it's easily cleaned. You also get handy spoon that will hlep you easily remove the steam basket, it's also useful for stirring. 

Parents with twins or children with a slight age different should be on the lookout fo rthe babycook cooker plus, that allows you to make food even faster and in bigger quantities.


With warm regards,

The Evitas Team :)

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