The Ergobaby Carryon

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The Ergobaby Carryon

Online shopping is a real challenge usually and often times parents have a hard time judging weather or not the products are even going to be a good fit or not. We as a webstore are aware of this issue and today, we’ll try to give you as precise and as detailed of a description as we possibly can about the Ergobaby 360 carryon. The Ergobaby 360 carryon is the first ergonomically designed carryon that enables you to carry your baby in four different positions. You could carry your baby on your back, your hips or even in front of you facing either forward or towards you. The carryon is a practical tool since it can be used for any situation. You could use it to enjoy long walks, you could use it to go shopping or even to just go out for a coffee or tea with your friends. It’s very comfortable for the baby and extremely practical and simple to use for the mommy.

The Ergobaby 360 Carryon is ergonomically designed, meaning the baby’s feet don’t hang out of it and the baby’s spice is in the correct “C” position . It has a wide belt and padded overalls, offering you the most comfort possible for you and your baby. The weight of the baby is spread out, making carrying the baby a pleasant experience. At its core the Ergobaby 360 Carryon is suited for babies weighing between 5,5 kilos to 20 kilos. With an additional purchase of a pad you can carry the baby right after its birth.

When you start out using this thing, It could be a bit awkward, but that’s because it’s new and you’re unsure about how and why. Just remember, using this is like your first bike ride, you’ll need some practice before you get the hang of it. Most parents give up after one or two tries because they’re unsure weather they’re doing it correctly or not and they feel awkward because of it. It’s nice to have someone next to you to help you strap in for the first time so you can learn how to use and equip it properly. We invite any mommies from the town of Nova Gorica to come to our “Showroom”, where we’ll gladly demonstrate how to equip and use this product.

When wearing this we have to devote our attention to babies that aren’t 3 months old yet. With the Ergobaby 360 Carryon we strongly recommend using the “new-born slip”, which takes care of the baby’s head and spine. The new-born must always be carried in front of you and facing towards you. You can check out more about the proper positioning of your baby in the following video. When your baby is stable enough or has developed his back and neck muscles enough, we can strap him in on the side (usually sometime after the 6th month). Carrying the baby facing forward is recommended only after he’s able to sit up by himself and enjoy the surroundings.

On the picture below, you can see all the possible ways to strap your baby into the Ergobaby 360 Carryon, as well as the recommended age and weight restrictions.


Moms usually ask us a lot about how long they can carry their baby in the carryon. When you start carrying the baby, we recommend doing it only as much as you can handle, don’t strain yourself. Moms still have to recover from giving birth first. In time, we can extend the time we carry our children  and subsequently ask ourselves if it’s a smart decision to use this carryon regularly. After all, the more you use it the more you’ll be used to it and you won’t get as tired as quickly as if you hadn’t used it before. It’s hard to predict the perfect time and we should always listen to our body and our child’s behaviour and feelings. For longer carrying time isn’t recommended for the baby to be facing forward. Some mommies use the carryon instead of a stroller or carriage while other use it to bridge the gap between different transportation methods. The carryon allows us to spend as much time and as close to our child as possible and to tend to his needs as soon as possible. We can’t, however, forget about allowing our child an appropriate amount of movement based on his age.

You can also breastfeed our baby in the carryon. You do this by lowering it and slightly letting it hang and then setting the baby in place. We recommend the use of specific breast-feeding shirts to make this process faster and easier.

Let’s not forget about our better halves, the carryon can also be used by the daddy. Carrying is used for the baby as well as the daddy. Physical contact will strengthen their bond and they’ll spend more time together. It’s important for a baby to feel his father’s heart tick and the rhythm of his breathing as well as make a strong bond with him. This allows the mommy to also have some time for herself and for any other things that need to be done.

Maybe I’ve left out or forgotten a detail, but I’ll be glad to answer any question or respond to any comment on our Facebook profile !

With warm regards,


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