The lovely colours of Twistshake

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The lovely colours of Twistshake

Twistshake offers everything from pacifiers to bottles, cutlery to plates and teethers to prevent gum pains, while the baby’s teeth are growing. The fact is, parents are most pleased by Twistshake bottle, like their sippy Cups or Anti-colic cups, which are a great starting point for when you want to teach your child about drinking from a cup or glass.

Before I direct your attention to the Sippy Cup, I’d first like to show you the Anti-colic bottles, which prevent colic.

All of these Twistshake products were designed to be compatible with one another with just a few adjustments, meaning that’s less time spent getting your child ready for their meal. All of their bottles come with an extra dish, that allows you to refill the bottle without spilling.  They’re ideal for containing baby formula or baby food.  The volume of the dish is 100ml, which is enough for a meal. The colours of these products can be combined for different visual effects.

You’re probably wondering “what does Twistshake have that other bottles don’t ?”. To put it simply, it often happens with other bottles that the formula powder doesn’t dissolve completely, which can then lead up to the bottle being clogged. Twistshake offers you an even flow of content during feeding times. The soft edge of the teat is venting the bottle, preventing any vacuum from happening.

This system actively reduces colic’s and ensure an uninterrupted flow of fluids during feeding. The child’s safety is always the top priority for any parent. Therefore, Twistshake bottles are simple to clean before and after use, to prevent any form of bacteria that could be harmful to the child.

On top of that, the Twistshake bottle has a wide opening, making cleaning incredibly easy and fast. All Twistshake products are safe to use in a microwave oven and a dishwasher. They can be frozen in a freezer or even cleaned in boiling water to ensure 100 % sterilization.

And if that wasn’t enough, Twistshake has an amazing colour pallet. You can get the Neon or Pastel, or even the limited-edition Pearl collection. Of course, we’ll keep you updated about all these things on our social media accounts 😊.

Okay, now the Sippy cup. What’s a Sippy cup in the first place ? It’s a cup with a mouthpiece, the perfect tool to help teach your child about drinking from a glass. You can get them in three different sizes and shapes. The smallest mouthpiece is suitable for children that are 4 months old or older. It has an easy to grip design, making sure your child doesn’t spill anything , while the cup itself was designed so it wouldn’t fall out of your child’s hands.

The revolutionary patented “Fruit Mixer” allows you to make fantastic juices. The Fruit mixer is a mixer, designed like a net, which upon shaking softens up the fruits so that they release their juices into the water. This way the water will be flavoured to your child’s favourite fruit taste. In short, TWIST the lid and then SHAKE the cup to make a tasty, healthy and natural drink. The cup has a special net which will prevent the mouthpiece from getting clogged.

Twistshake has also taken care of safe meals with silicone mats, plates and bowls. A nicely developed system, that allows more compact and fun storage. The plate can be combined with a mat with a simple push. The smart “clickmat” or mat will stick to the table, making it nearly impossible to fall off. The clickmat is compatible with all Twistshake plates and bowls. And with every plate or bowl you also have a smart twistclick topper, which allows you to mount more plates on top of it, again, compatible with all Twistshake bowls and plates. All of this is available in the wonderful pastel collection.

Don’t overlook some special promotions where we’ll gift you a free Twistshake Sippy cup for every Twistshake clickmat+plate purchase 😊.

Take care of yourself,

The Evitas Team

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