The right choice for a winter bag

A winter bag is a critical piece of equipment in these cold winter days. Choosing the right winter bag can be quite a challenge. There’s a lot of different models, types, colours and sizes of winter bags in stores and online. Competition is tough, making the right choice is even tougher.

We’ve made a list of what to pay attention to when buying a winter bag and what are the best options. This list was made completely based of our personal experiences.

Choosing a winter bag, what’s the most important part ?

We must be aware that the winter bag is warm enough depending on the environment that we live in. It must be handy and made from high-quality materials. Above all, your child has to feel warm, comfortable and safe.


Winter bags are usually made from a blend of natural and artificial materials. The most common combination is wool or cotton alongside polyester. The filling is usually done with feather or polyester. The biggest difference between the feather or polyester filling is the price. The best option is that the outer part is weather-proof and versatile, while the inner part should be made from natural materials.

Winter bags versus jumpsuits

If you’re choosing between a winter bag or a jumpsuit, we recommend that you think about your lifestyle pacing. Are you traveling mostly by car or do you usually go for longer walks ? The winter bag is suited for babies who spend most of their time in a carriage, where they can nap or sleep completely care-free. The jumpsuits, on the other hand, are great if you’re moving the baby around more often. It allows you to place the baby in a car seat and strap him in and it’s also designed that strap the baby onto ourselves and go our way without the need to change our child.

The Universal standard

The universal winter bag means that you can use it on different carriages or car seats. It has to have at least three belt buckles, or 5 to be even better, allowing you to strap it to nearly any type of carriage.

How to open a winter bag

We must be aware of how we open this thing. From a practical viewpoint, it’s best if the bag is opened by a zipper and it goes through the middle of it, allowing easier access.

Colour and shape

Black, white, gold or multicoloured ? In this day and age, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can choose from a single colour, different pattern types made from special materials or even a combination of different colours and pattern types. Almost every carriage manufacturer has a specific winter bag that goes well with the carriage he offers. We could also choose from a wide selection of universal winter bags on offer by Elodie Details and The Tiny Universe, which you can find in our webstore.

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