Tools to help introduce your baby to solid food

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Tools to help introduce your baby to solid food

You should start introducing solid foods when you child is 4 months old. At this time, your baby’s digestive system should be ready to digest solid foods. Parents should be patient during these times, as feeding on solids is a completely new concept to your little future connoisseur of fine dining. Let’s begin with simple and neutral or bland tasting foods, such as potatoes, carrots or cauliflower.

The introduction of solid foods is considered a learning experience for the baby and quite a big project for the parents. The best thing to do before we even start introducing solid foods to your child is to read a book about this theme beforehand and start planning out a weekly “menu”.

Organization is key !

Note down which food you’ll start with and when, this will help you plan out your next couple of days. In other words, you prepare that day’s menu. We’re really pleased with the Boobeefoodee’s blog, with which almost every young mommy is familiar with. The blog also offers a lot of great tips and information regarding feeding your child, which will surely come in handy.

Before we can offer you your baby’s first spoon, we need the following, 😊 . Babies tend to have small mouths and so we’re used to feeding them with cutlery based on their size.

We have a selection of different cutlery sets on offer. The following ones are used for later self-feeding education. For mommies, which want to have everything in style we also have wonderful cutlery sets, which encompass all you need for a perfect table. For your baby’s first meals we recommend a set of two Twistshake spoons or a Set of three spoons from Done by Deer. These are the perfect fit for little mouths and are shaped to give the parent a good grip on the spoon to help with feeding.

At the start of all of this, babies usually don’t eat everything on their plate and there’s usually some leftovers. We were impressed with Twistshake’s line of products, which are perfect even for this situation.

Every bowl or plate has its own topper, allowing you to easily cover up any leftovers and store them in the fridge. They also handle extremely well when you’re on the go. Twistshake’s plates can be bolted onto one another with the “twist-click” system, allowing you to carry them around easily.

Twistshake izdelki 

Because children are curious by nature and they’re so full of energy they can’t seem to stand still, we can’t forget about the mess factor. Using a slinky will surely the best choice since this way, you can protect your child’s clothing from any unwanted stains and messes and save yourself the time and energy that you would otherwise have to spend changing your child. We have a wide selection of different colours and models, some suitable for beginners, that are just starting their journey to solid foods, as well as other models that are more suited to babies that are already mastering the art of eating without assistance.

Do we need anything else ?

As your child starts sitting on his own, we can sit him into a feeding chair. We can cover the chair with some cloth or find a model that has detachable parts which will allow you faster and easier cleaning or no cleaning at all. We adore the “Mima Moon” and “Childhome Evolu” feeding chairs.

Again, we recommend that you are patient with this process. Teaching your baby about eating solid food can be quite a feat on its own. Every child is a unique experience, some can give you no trouble at all while others can be quite picky or messy eaters :D .

With warm regards,

The Evitas Team :)

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